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RTX 2014 Wrap Up

Posted by Cadet on 2014-07-09 20:01:42 Comments (0)

Don’t tell Dragon Con (Or TK-Bear) but RTX has become my favorite convention.

There’s two main reasons for that. One is that I’ve been watching Red Vs Blue since episode 3 back in when I was in High School in 2003. Few things have stayed consistent in my life over the past eleven years, but my enjoyment of Red Vs Blue is one of them. One of the first real big costume projects we contemplated and started in the TK Bear Crew after Stormtrooper armor was Halo 1 Mark V armor. I was personally really motivated by in that project by a desire to be Caboose, as I loved Red Vs Blue more than I Liked Halo. That initial project would never come to fruition, and it would be years later that I actually accomplished the goal of making Caboose’s armor, but in the end Caboose has become my favorite costume.

Which is the second reason why RTX has become my favorite con. It is an amazing feeling to be in a Caboose costume at a convention with such a high percentage of Red Vs Blue. At most other conventions when I wear Caboose I get called “Master Chief/SPARTAN/Halo Guy” far more than I get people who recognize that I’m supposed to be Caboose. At RTX, however, almost everyone knows it’s Caboose’s and recognize all the little details that make it so. The “Regulation Blue” paint scheme, the “-1” homage to the old RvB T-Shirt line on the back plate, the purple ribbon (which is first place ribbon for doing nothing and coincidentally the same color as last place), and the bloody bullet hole over the left pinky toe do not go unnoticed by the crowd at RTX.

We arrived at the convention center a little after 2 on Thursday afternoon. I had resigned myself to spending the rest of the afternoon to waiting in the registration. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was virtually no line. We pretty much walked right up and got our passes. I was also very surprised and excited to see a picture of our Caboose and Donut costumes featured prominently in the RTX program. Later Thursday night we went to the Sidequest charity auction. We left before the end of the auction, but when we left most of the prints of my art where going for around $50, which was much more that I thought they would go for.

Friday morning I continued a tradition from the past two RTXs and walked the registration/exhibitor hall lines in armor to do my bit to help entertain the people waiting in line. After the line had cleared out, we went into the exhibit hall itself. We made our way to the RTX museum/experience. While waiting in line, someone approached us from behind, and I turned around to see it was Shannon McCormick, voice of Agent Washington and Professor Ozpin. I was very flattered that he had approached us to tell us he remembered Caboose and Donut from last year, loved our costumes, and was happy to see us back again. After we left the Rooster Teeth museum/experience we passed by the Microsof/343 Industries booth where we were approached by a staffer who told he loved our armor, and said it would be great if we could wear it to their invite only “1st-Annual One Time Only Retro Rumble Halo 2 Dual Wield Drink Fest 2014 Championship Extravaganza!” party.

Saturday we entered the costume contest on a whim. They split the contest up into three categories, Men, Women, and Halo. By the time they got around to the Halo costumes time for the panel had almost run out, an instead of the introduction and short skit afforded the previous categories, the Halo section was told to just line up in a row and the audience would vote one by one with applause. I did my best Caboose and lined up facing away from the crowd and waited until someone shouted “Wrong Way, Caboose!” That was when I turned around and the crowd cheered.

Saturday night was the 343 Industries “1st-Annual One Time Only Retro Rumble Halo 2 Dual Wield Drink Fest 2014 Championship Extravaganza!” party. Halo 2 multiplayer. An open bar. All my favorite Rooster Teeth staff and personalities. A fascinating talk with 343’s head of licensing about all the cool new stuff coming up next year from different companies like NECA and Mega Blocks. I didn’t have a bad thing to say about Microsoft for like a whole day!

Sunday morning we got up extra early to ensure a spot in line for Yomary and Shannon’s autograph session. I had wanted to make sure I could get a picture with Yomary and give her a copy of PizzaKing’s Caboose and Sheila drawing. When I went to go around the table to take a picture with her, apparently Goose and Shannon agreed that this was really more of “our moment” and stepped out of the way. (Which I didn’t even realize until I was reviewing the pictures later.) As we were going to leave Yomary shouted “Firing main cannon!” at me.

It was better than winning the costume contest.

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CBM Winner!

Posted by TK-Bear on 2013-11-02 13:04:18 Comments (0)

Hey Gang,

I threw together the following costume from costume parts I had. It is my own Marvel Zombies Interpretation of Zombie Captain America. It turned out so much better than I expected. I took one of my zombie prosthetics, cut apart one of my spare cap masks, and dawned my Captain America TFA costume. It turned out great! So much better than I could have expected.

After putting it on and together I took some pictures and entered it into the contest and it won! It was so exciting, makes me want to try and come up with something unique for next year. This one may have to make a con appearance as well. I will put together a tutorial on how I did this one soon. In the mean time, enjoy the pictures.

You Can see the Comic Book Movie News post here:

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Come and go

Posted by TK-Bear on 2013-09-30 08:10:25 Comments (0)

Thank you to all who visit our site on a regular basis. We appreciate all the feedback and comments we have received over the year. I will admit this site does come and go in waves in terms of getting updated though. To correct that, I am currently working on an all new website.

The new website will hopefully be easier to navigate, and have some new features. I am hoping to add more to the toolkit, and have it point users to more tutorials, and hopefully new ways to share costuming knowledge. The whole original intent of this website was to share how we have made our costumes over the years and hopefully we will get responses from users who visit as to other things we can try as well. The best feedback we have ever gotten is from someone who visited a site and told us we helped them with how to build their costume.

So thank you again for visiting and looking around. We should have a new site sometime in October, and hopefully we will finally have our Dragon Con 2013 gallery up by then. :)


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Dragon Con 2013 Video

Posted by TK-Bear on 2013-09-26 23:21:40 Comments (0)

Hey gang, in case you missed it, the following is the video we made for Dragon Con 2013. It was the best Dragon Con to date, and this is the best video we have made for D*C to date. Enjoy, and we can't wait to see everyone next year.

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The Harley Shake

Posted by TK-Bear on 2013-09-21 20:53:05 Comments (0)

For those who has not seen it, we made a short for D*C TV. It was featured Friday morning of the Con if you were watching Dragon Con TV. Thank you dragon con for showing our short and now its time to prep something for next year!!! The gears are turning.

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Dragon Con is Here

Posted by Cadet on 2013-09-01 15:26:38 Comments (0)

Are you?

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Do you need to look wet or slimey for a costume or photoshoot?

Posted by Cadet on 2013-04-12 21:06:52 Comments (0)

Then you need “Wire Pulling Lubricant:”

It is a clear, odorless, environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, polymer based lubricant used for electrical and datacom cable applications. It is place on cables or in piping to allow the cables to be be easily pulled through over long distances. And since it is designed for electrical and datacom situations, it is designed to dry/evaporate with no residue!

I most often use it on my Ghostbuster costume to achieve a “Slimed” look. So, here we go:

The initial application:

After two hours:

After three hours:

In an outdoor setting, or a convention where you are walking around, it will actually evaporate faster. It is also safe for use on skin and hair, if your character needs to look wet or sweaty, and you can buy Wire Pulling Lubricant in the electrical section for relatively cheap in any major hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot.

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Photos Up

Posted by Cadet on 2013-03-27 20:30:22 Comments (0)

Hey everybody, been a bit slacking, but photos are up from our first three events of the year, Ohayo*Con,Lexington Toy and Comic Con, and HorrorHound Cincinnati.

2013 Events

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"Like" us on Facebook.

Posted by Cadet on 2013-02-10 12:29:23 Comments (0)

The TK-Bear Crew now has an official Facebook page:

Check it out to see past and future projects.

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Dragon*Con 2012 - Video

Posted by TK-Bear on 2012-09-18 22:45:22 Comments (0)

Already over two weeks gone, and I still feel like Dragon Con 2012, was perfect!!! I was working on costumes all the way down to the wire. In fact I pulled all nighters the nights before we left. Then fixing R2 as we left, and was sewing the last few pieces of Cap When we arrived. Not to mention I pulled the Joker Prosthetic from the mold as we left the door for D*C. That said everything turned out perfect. I did have an issue with applying the chin of my joker, but in hindsight, I am still happy with how it looked, and next time I will do better.

Work really slowed me down with my prep the last month before Dragon Con, but it made seeing my friends for a week all the more important. Many friends I didn't get the time to see enough, but that happens every time, I almost wish dragon con was more often, but maybe it wouldn't be so special. I loved sitting in the room watching D*C TV with all my friends drinking Beers, seeing all the epic costumes, and not to mention the Captain America Dancing Girls Skit. These girls all made their own Dresses and even though scattered across the US, they came together and worked up the War Bonds Dance from Captain America TFA, and they included my Captain America! It was an honor to be a part of their show, and they did such an Epic Job! Then not to mention we pulled off the best prank on our friends, I surprised my girlfriend, and now I just cannot wait till the next!

I have rambled enough, so next we are going to try and take the footage we filmed this year and previous years and make a video that documents these adventures and below is a quick music video we put together to lead into that. Hopefully it will turn out cool, and if not, it will be fun to relive the memories watching it again. Here's to next year and a Great 2013! Good luck everyone with your next year's Projects!!!

Dragon Con 2013: The Road to Ruin.

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